Eldership Update


Thank you to everyone who listened intently to the teachings on leadership/eldership and who prayed and nominated a total of 30 men for the role of elder at CCC.  The next steps include:

  • One of our staff connecting with each man to affirm his desire to move forward.
  • One of our bookkeepers will check the giving records of the nominees to affirm that their giving to CCC has been consistent (Mat 6:21).
  • Our pastors will review the list to consider if there may be any family or pastoral reason why now would not be a good season for service.
  • Those remaining will receive a comprehensive questionnaire where each nominee will give detailed responses regarding their personal relationship with Christ, theology, doctrine, past life experience, testimony, marriage, home life, work life, church membership and/or time spent at CCC, serving history, and leadership experience.  There is also a section for the spouse to fill out.
  • Once the packets have been received and reviewed a series of interviews will be scheduled with our Pastoral Advisory Team (PAT).

The names and bios of the PAT will be made available when the team is complete.  We’re going to add 2-3 more seasoned pastors, elders, professors, and/or denominational execs with a strong orthodox theology and “in the trenches” leadership experience.

Thank you again for your prayers dedication to a very bright future at CCC!

Pastor Gregg


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