Transformation Team Update


The first thing you need to know is that we have changed the name from the Transition Team to the Transformation Team. At one of our staff meetings it became apparent that we don’t want to continue in a state of “transition” but we desire to be transformed as individuals, families, and as a church. And our current sermon series is titled, “Transformation: The Gospel Changes Everything.”  So, from here on out we will identify them as the Transformation Team. We can think of the team as a temporary (ad hoc) team of deacons.

The Difference Between the Transitional Leadership Team (TLT) and the Transformation Team (TT)

The TLT is made up of five people: Chris Dubay, Jack Bradley, Jim Harrell, Ray Severance, and Sharon Cumiskey, who make-up our current legal Board of Directors, which we are required, by law, to maintain.  The TLT is also part of the larger TT.  Once the new Elder Team is in place the TLT will no longer exist as the “voting body” for CCC.

The Purpose and Function of the TT

The TT is a temporary (deacon) team selected, with TLT, Staff, and (former) Elders input, by Intentional Interim Pastor, Gregg Caruso of VitalChurch.  This team will come alongside the Staff and (forthcoming) Elder Team to help guide CCC through this transformational season.  This team of trusted servants with administrative giftings, spiritual discernment, and a willingness to further develop their leadership skills will have a “voice” but not a “vote” in our development and planning meetings (the current TLT will have the “vote”).  They will form a unified and Christ-centered guiding coalition that will lead CCC toward revitalization and God’s purposes. The work of this interim TT is paramount in the healing and renewal of CCC.

The Transformational Team will…

  • Seek to experience personal renewal and lead the church in corporate renewal.
  • Call our church back to intimacy with God and community with each other.
  • Discover, discuss, and resolve real problems honestly, respectfully, and openly.
  • Resolve conflict biblically and restore unity to our church.
  • Discover and begin implementation of God’s plans and direction for our Church.
  • Prayerfully generate and guide godly change in our church.
  • Discover God’s leaders who will lead our church into the future.
  • Prepare the church for a successful pastoral search process (although they will not function as the Search Team).
  • Along with the Staff and (forthcoming) Elders plan and take part in clear, accurate, and consistent communication to the congregation.
  • Plan and Calendarize regularly scheduled all church gatherings — including 3-5 all-church summits (to look back and learn from our mistakes, to assess our current situation accurately, and to look strategically into the future), information meetings, and regular times of all-church extended worship and prayer.
  • Receive training that will empower them to do this work.

The TT Team Members

Chris Dubay, Dyrene Bell, Erik Hohengasser, Henry Roy, Jack Bradley, Jim Harrell, Josh Procaccini, Matt Mansfield, Maureen McCann, Pippa Asker, Ray Severance, Bekah Sylvia, Sharon Cumiskey, and Siobhan Lomba.

A Series of All-Church Summits

  1. Summit #1 (Journey Wall) – One Summit in two sessions for your convenience Saturday Nov 11 9-11:30am OR Sunday Nov 12 3:30-6pm
  2. Summit #2 (Values & Mission) – 2018 TBD
  3. Summit #3 (Vision) – 2018 TBD
  4. Summit #4 (Theology & Permanent Pastor Profile) – 2018 TBD

All CCC members and attenders from teenagers to seniors are invited to attend and participate in these summits designed to re-evaluate and re-affirm the core ministry values and practices of CCC in preparation for calling a permanent pastor. A byproduct is the opportunity for us to grow deeper in relationship together as we seek God’s will and direction for CCC.

Summit #1 – Journey Wall. The development of a “Journey Wall” will identify ministry milestones (highs and lows) for the last twenty years that include key people, events, and circumstances that have shaped CCC. This information will help us to see core practiced values as well as areas of dysfunction that need to be addressed as we move forward.

Summit #2 – Values & Mission Clarification. Every church has a similar mission – some variation of the Great Commission stated in Matthew 28:18-20. Mission builds on our core values and describes “where we are going,” through articulating a brief, succinct, and focused statement of purpose that can be used to initiate, evaluate, and refine all of CCC’s ministry activities.

Summit #3 – Vision Clarification. A vision statement describes, “how we will get there,” by providing a clear picture of a preferred future according to God’s will and direction for CCC.

“Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run. For the vision is for the appointed time…” –Habakkuk 2:2-3a (NAS)

Our foundational understanding is that Jesus Christ is the Chief Shepherd and Vision Caster of CCC – and that Jesus has a preferred future (and permanent pastor) already in His heart for our congregation.  Our task is to mobilize and join with Jesus and one another as co-laborers to pray, dream, think, and plan together – seeking to further the gospel in South Mass and around the world with the resources and opportunities that God will provide.


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