All Church Transformation Season Q&A (4-Month Review)

Q&ACommunication Guidelines…

Here at CCC we are making a fresh commitment to humble and respectful dialogue at all church information gatherings. (First, seek to understand THEN to be understood.) We want to listen well to one another. Church info gatherings cannot be a place to vent, pontificate, or push your view. There can be no “mindreading” or second-guessing of motives, which often leads to various forms of unhealthy communication and gossip.

Talking Points:

  1. The Transformation Team is beginning to solidify into a high functioning team. Again, they are a temporary team with leadership potential and administrative capacities that will be planning all-church events like the Summit experiences to provide the people at CCC with opportunities to have input into the future. They have a “voice but not a vote.” They will also come alongside our staff in various capacities so that our already hardworking staff does not feel the full weight of all that needs to happen during this Transformation Season.
  2. Staff Update
    • This coming week we have provided for Pastors Matt and Jim to each have what is called a Mid-Career Assessment/Discernment Day. Matt’s is Wed and Jim’s is Thur. They each have taken a comprehensive gifts assessment inventory and had coaching in their gifts, skill-sets, and style assessments and they have each put together a Discernment Team to seek input into what the future hold for them. Dr. Tom Wilkens, a VitalChurch Partner will be in town to lead those Discernment Days.
    • We have begun weekly staff prayer times and Management Team staff meetings to build team cohesiveness and chemistry.
    • We have a new Pastor of Student Ministries beginning in the next couple of weeks – Conrad McKenzie (Emily and Willow). Pastor Jim oversaw the search with great input from the Student Ministries Staff, volunteers, and some parents. The students have had input as well.
    • This Tues we will be holding an All-Staff Strategic Planning Day to identify some strategic initiatives for 2018.
    • We will be re-working all staff Job Descriptions and there will be some shifting of roles and responsibilities. The new Job Descriptions will include both specific Ministry Objectives (MO’s) as well as Personal Objectives (PO’s – developmental) for each staff member. Once the Job description is finalized each staff member will undergo a Performance Review after 3-months. (This is also an area where the TT is helping with this reformulation of Staff Job Descriptions.)
  3. Elder update – The PAT held several interviews on Fri & Sat and made recommendations for elders. More will be forth coming in the next 1-2 weeks.
  4. We have been receiving nominations for a Financial Advisory Board (FAB). We want to build a team of 3-5 people who will have a strong financial background who will have input into the wise use of our finances. (We are deeply indebted to Tom Mello for his many years of service in the area.)
  5. I have been in a very positive and ongoing process of relational reconciliationwith all the former elders except for Pastor John. Forgiveness –> Reconciliation –> Restoration, which means to rebuild trust through bringing forth the tangible fruit of repentance (see the Fruit of Repentance blog post from early Oct here).
  6. I have just received the initial results of the online demographic survey and I am very encouraged by the health, vitality, and stability of the church. 276 people took the survey. We will provide an overview of the results at the Summit next weekend.  More info and registration for the Summit can be found here.

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