CCC Update — Mid-April 2018

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  • For the first time, the former CCC elders and the new CCC elders met together (4/16) to hear an update from Pastor Gregg, ask questions, and provide input. It was a very positive time.
  • The Pastors had an excellent, productive, and important time at the MLK50 Conference in Memphis.
    • Time spent together building our relationships
    • Listened to some excellent gospel-centered preaching
    • Brainstorming about how CCC can engage in an ongoing conversation about race
    • And the food…oh my!
  • We have brought in a coach for our new elders and new adapted governance model – called Policy Governance.
    • The coach attended and facilitated our first official board meeting and will attend the next two via Skype.
    • He will also coach Chris Dubay (Elder Facilitator) and Gregg/LP in building an agenda for the once-a-month Board Meeting.
    • The Elders meet a minimum of two additional times a month:
      • A “Work Meeting” to pray, work on theological issues pertinent to CCC at this time, and to consider any church discipline issues.
      • A “Care and Share” time to check in on one another’s devotional lives and family lives.
  • Updated JD’s that are near completion: Jim, Matt, Sarah, and Jason
    • Pastor Jim’s main role will be Local Outreach Pastor and Pastor to Seniors. He will also oversee CR, Men’s Ministry, Sports, Facilities, and will continue to work with other pastors and churches in the NE area.  He also meets weekly with Conrad and Bri.
    • Pastor Matt’s main role includes re/building Small Groups and the Discipleship Pathway, and ongoing Teaching Pastor. He has spent considerable time working with the Worship Community and is leading the Search Team for the Worship Pastor.  Steve and Lauren currently report to him as well.
    • Sarah is currently the Director of Administration and on a learning track to become the Church Administrator. She will also become the church Treasurer.
    • Jason is currently the Director of Facilities and is on a learning track to becoming Facilities Manager.
    • There is still considerable work to be done to complete the job description overhaul for our (amazing) Staff…
  • Gretchen Ponte has accepted the position of full-time, (Mon-Fri) Office Manager and will report to Sarah. (Sarah will be more big-picture helping to move us forward and Gretchen will be more day-to-day – moving through each week with enthusiasm and excellence.)  Welcome, Gretchen!!  Her start date is scheduled for April 24th.
  • We are moving forward with a possible Worship Pastor candidate from TX. There is a pastor’s zoom call with him on Apr 26th.  Please be prayerful.
  • The Financial Advisory Board (FAB) has met twice. We are still looking to add someone who has solid HR experience.  Know anyone??
  • The Transformation Team (TT) is working on identifying our core practiced values — work through all the input from Summits 1 & 2, as well as considering if God may want to add any “preferred” values.
    • Our v.1 updated mission statement is: Love God, Love People, Raise-Up Disciples.  (Clear, brief, and to the point.)  The initial work of the TT will then invite input from the staff and elders.  We will also eventually get feedback from the congregation.
    • Summit #3 will likely be a teaching summit covering (i.e., defining toward understanding) important secondary theological issues to identify where CCC “lands.”  Be there.
  • Sermon series’: We Believe, Sermon on the Mount (through the summer), and then (maybe) CCC Mission and Values in the Fall.
  • Gregg will teach a two-week all-church Wed night class on Biblical Conflict Resolution on May 30 and Jun 6. We want to get as many of our people there as possible.
  • VitalChurch sent an online survey to evaluate Gregg’s 9-month performance. It was sent to the Staff, Transformation Team, and Elders.  We are awaiting the report.
  • We have adopted a web-based project management tool called Basecamp to facilitate better communication among and between Staff, Pastors, Transformation Team (TT), Elders, and Financial Advisory Board (FAB).

How can you help?

  • Continue to be patient. There will be gaps and lag times as systems and structures are re/built.
    • Remember, the more work we get accomplished during the Transformation Season, the higher caliber lead Pastor we will attract.
    • A Search Team will be assembled and trained once there is a strong church-wide consensus that re/affirms CCC’s unique Core Values and Strategic Mission.
  • If you have a question or want to provide input, feel free to send an email to  Please don’t second-guess or try to read anyone’s mind.  Go to the person who can best answer your question.
  • Be willing to engage in courageous conversations. This is normal Christian behavior.  Attend the 2-week Biblical Conflict Resolution class on Wed May 30th and Wed Jun 6th.   Watch for details…
  • Continue to be enthusiastic about CCC’s transformation opportunity!


Thank you for your patience and contribution to the future of CCC,

Pastor Gregg


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