Halftime Letter — June 2018


The following is a mid-year update letter. If you did not receive it as an email you are not on the CCC email list.  If you’d like to do so, you can here.


For over two years you have been on a difficult, amazing, sad, joyful, revealing, and beautiful journey. I have been on this journey with you for a year. When all is said a done God has been both faithful and gracious to CCC.

It occurred to me that our journey is similar in many ways to the story of Nehemiah. Chapters 1-6 describe the restoration of the wall (and gates) of Jerusalem. Chapter 7 describes the transition from rebuilding the wall to instituting necessary reforms as the people returned from their captivity in Babylon. Chapters 8-13 describe the restoration of the people. It’s essential to notice that many practical needs required specific attention before the spiritual needs could be addressed.

Over the past year we have been addressing many of the practical (and behind the scenes) needs of CCC:

  • Reorganizing Staff roles, adding to our Staff, and building unity and focus on the Staff Team plus rebuilding effective systems to eventually provide the opportunity for more people to receive better care and discipleship. (This takes time, we are not finished yet.)
  • We have also initiated and are getting up to speed with a governance model that will ensure appropriate and biblical accountability between the Lead Pastor and the Eldership Team.
  • The Transformation Team has worked tirelessly to plan and carry out two all-church Summits and the She Speaks initiative to invite your input as we prayerfully consider and plan for a new season of ministry effectiveness at CCC.
  • The TT, Staff, and Elders have also been working hard to update our Core Values and Mission statements based on our unique calling and the Great Commission.
  • We also have an up-and-running Financial Advisory Board (FAB) to provide godly, strategic, and wise input on the best use of our resources.
  • We have stated and taught that none of us can be spiritually healthy without being emotionally healthy. This was repeated and taught weekly during our Thrive series, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality class and the (strong) invitation for everyone to read and put into practice the book, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.
  • There has also been considerable time spent in pursuing courageous conversations and relational reconciliation between CCC members who lost trust in one another as well as some who felt hurt and wounded by our church. We also recently completed a 2-week class on Biblical Conflict Resolution (the recordings and notes can be found here and here).

Please don’t think I am comparing myself to Nehemiah, let’s be clear that Nehemiah prefigures Jesus. Nehemiah left the comfort and opulence of the king’s palace to go and identify with, serve, and lead a bunch of broken and desperate people. Jesus did the same thing. He left the comfort and perfection of the King’s palace to step into the brokenness, desperation, and shame of humanity. Jesus is the better Nehemiah who came in obedience to the Father and out of love for the Father and laid His life down as a sacrifice for sinners to rescue us and spare us. We want to (always) acknowledge Jesus as the wise Rebuilder, primary Leader, and Senior Pastor of CCC.

Pastoral Search

As you have probably heard by now, we are beginning to move toward a search for the permanent Lead Pastor. Here is a 7-Phase Search Process:

  1. Form Pastoral Search Team
  2. Develop a Church and Lead Pastor Profile
  3. Strategically Attract the Best Candidate/s
  4. Evaluate the Candidate/s
  5. Schedule a Candidating Weekend for the strongest candidate
  6. Seek Input from the CCC members through a vote of affirmation
  7. Schedule a Commissioning Service to “Pass the Baton”

We are looking to build a team of 5-7 Pastoral Search Team (PST) members from people nominated by the Staff, TT, and Elders. They will fill out packets and be interviewed by me and I will coach the PST. The Elders will have final approval of the PST.  If you have questions you can email the Search Team at pastorsearch@cccfamily.com.

 Financial Update

Our approved 2018 budget is $1,269,114.00.  So far, general tithes and offerings are $524,023.73 (through May), which falls short of the budget projection of $528,797.94 by $4,774.21.  I want to thank you for your sacrifice and generosity during this transformation season!  Two additional financial items:

  • We are thankful for your continued faithful giving through the slower summer months. You can give securely online here.
  • Also, we need to build-up our Reserve Fund (formerly the Building Fund) to cover some capital expenses as well as to provide competitive pay-packages for a Worship Pastor and the permanent Lead Pastor.  If you would like to give a special offering to any of these Reserve Fund opportunities, you can do so here.

Again, thank you for your patience and generosity throughout this process!

Pastor Gregg

(On behalf of your amazing Staff, Elders, and Transformation Team)

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