CCC Update – 08/30/2018

As I said in the June halftime letter for over two years CCC has been on a difficult, amazing, sad, joyful, revealing, and beautiful journey.  I have been on this journey with you for fourteen months.  When all is said a done God has been both faithful and gracious to CCC. Much has been accomplished … Continue reading CCC Update – 08/30/2018

The Right-Side Up Kingdom

As our In the Red summer series through the Beatitudes comes to a close I thought I would pass on my sermon notes from the 2018 CCC Men's Retreat.  At the conclusion, I share a one-word overview of the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount. Luke 6 provides us with a shorter version of … Continue reading The Right-Side Up Kingdom

Biblical Conflict Resolution Pt 2 — Notes

Last Wed night (6/6/18) Biblical Conflict Resolution Part 2 was held at the Middleboro Campus.  For a link to the recording click here.  Below are the notes... “Those who would learn to serve must first learn to think little of themselves...Only those who live by the forgiveness of their sin in Jesus Christ will think … Continue reading Biblical Conflict Resolution Pt 2 — Notes

A Christ-Centered and Gospel-Saturated People

In a nutshell, at CCC we are aiming to be a Christ-centered and gospel-saturated people. What does that mean? THE GOSPEL In the simplest of terms, the gospel is the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus that accomplishes redemption and restoration for all who believe and all of creation. In His life, Jesus fulfilled the … Continue reading A Christ-Centered and Gospel-Saturated People

We Believe Series #1 — The Basics of True Belief

INTRO Today we begin a new series entitled “We Believe.” We will be taking a 12-week look at the Apostle’s Creed.  The word 'creed' is derived from the Latin word credo, that means “I believe,” which is what we will be looking at today -- a theology of what it means to believe... Every person … Continue reading We Believe Series #1 — The Basics of True Belief