CCC Update — Mid-April 2018

For the first time, the former CCC elders and the new CCC elders met together (4/16) to hear an update from Pastor Gregg, ask questions, and provide input. It was a very positive time. The Pastors had an excellent, productive, and important time at the MLK50 Conference in Memphis. Time spent together building our relationships … Continue reading CCC Update — Mid-April 2018


A Christ-Centered and Gospel-Saturated People

In a nutshell, at CCC we are aiming to be a Christ-centered and gospel-saturated people. What does that mean? THE GOSPEL In the simplest of terms, the gospel is the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus that accomplishes redemption and restoration for all who believe and all of creation. In His life, Jesus fulfilled the … Continue reading A Christ-Centered and Gospel-Saturated People

We Believe Series #1 — The Basics of True Belief

INTRO Today we begin a new series entitled “We Believe.” We will be taking a 12-week look at the Apostle’s Creed.  The word 'creed' is derived from the Latin word credo, that means “I believe,” which is what we will be looking at today -- a theology of what it means to believe... Every person … Continue reading We Believe Series #1 — The Basics of True Belief

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Grief

Since 1976, the USA has designated the month of February as Black History Month.  Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by black Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of African Americans in U.S. history… Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man well acquainted with grief.  His heart must have broken every time he witnessed … Continue reading Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Grief

What Is Emotional Health?

This coming weekend we begin a new series entitled Thrive, which is a 6-week sermon series focused on how the power of the gospel grows spiritually and emotionally.  Our spiritual health and our emotional health are not mutually exclusive, in fact as pastor and author Peter Scazzero points out, “It is impossible to be spiritually mature, while remaining … Continue reading What Is Emotional Health?


With input from the various assessments as well as Staff, Transformational Team, and other Leaders: We desire to simplify and get back to the basics as well as maximize our God-given opportunity to continue to unify CCC by humbly and prayerfully… Recommitting to be Christ-centered and gospel-saturated in all we do (1 Corinthians 15:1-4) Embracing … Continue reading CCC TRANSFORMATIONAL 2018 VISION STATEMENT