Year End Update

This is the season that we celebrate the coming of Jesus, who left the comfort, unity, and perfection of heaven to come into our brokenness that we could have access to a perfectly holy God.  Without taking anything away from this supreme celebration, I would like to communicate what has been accomplished in and through … Continue reading Year End Update


Basic Conflict Resolution Guidelines

This last weekend our guest preacher, Dr. Dave Miles, concluded his sermon with three practical steps to peace with God and others: Let conflict be your teacher Quit dirty fighting Let Jesus’ peace rule your life in the midst of chaos My reflection is that we, at CCC, over the last few years, have allowed … Continue reading Basic Conflict Resolution Guidelines

Does the Bible Condone or Condemn Slavery?

The practice of slavery has developed in virtually every civilization known to humankind. Slavery in ancient Rome differed from its more modern forms in that it was not based on race. Nevertheless, it was an abusive and degrading institution. As much as two thirds of the Roman Empire were slaves during the 1st century -- … Continue reading Does the Bible Condone or Condemn Slavery?

Elder Update: The Role of an Elder at CCC

Last weekend four NE regional church leaders interviewed several CCC elder nominee candidates. We are referring to them as the Pastoral Advisory Team (PAT). Their bios can be viewed here. There are two important decisions to note: The PAT made a strong recommendation that none of the former elders should move forward in the process … Continue reading Elder Update: The Role of an Elder at CCC

All Church Transformation Season Q&A (4-Month Review)

Communication Guidelines… Here at CCC we are making a fresh commitment to humble and respectful dialogue at all church information gatherings. (First, seek to understand THEN to be understood.) We want to listen well to one another. Church info gatherings cannot be a place to vent, pontificate, or push your view. There can be no “mindreading” or … Continue reading All Church Transformation Season Q&A (4-Month Review)

500th Anniversary of Reformation Day

A single event on a single day changed the world. It was October 31, 1517. Brother Martin [Luther], a monk and a scholar, had struggled for years with his church, the [Roman Catholic] church. He had been greatly disturbed by an unprecedented indulgence sale.  [An indulgence is a payment to the Catholic Church that purchased … Continue reading 500th Anniversary of Reformation Day

10 Things You Should Know about Union with Christ

1. The Bible contains an astonishing number of terms, expressions and images that bear witness to the reality of our being made one with Christ Jesus. In the Newer Testament we find literally hundreds of references to the believer’s union with Christ. To cite merely a few examples, believers are created in Christ (Eph. 2:10), … Continue reading 10 Things You Should Know about Union with Christ

Elder Interview Update

Four men have agreed to form a Pastoral Advisory Team (PAT) to interview our elder candidate nominees: Dr. Brent Allen, District Executive Minister, Converge NE Dr. Jeff Arthurs, Professor of Preaching and Communication and Chair of the Division of Practical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Dr. Bruce Hanlon, Pastor, Forestdale Church, Forestdale MA Dr. Gene … Continue reading Elder Interview Update